About Us

Avtar Development Foundation (NGO) is established in 2013.

Who are we

Avtar Development foundation is an ISO Certified (ISO 9001:2013) to promote the work of livelihood, Agriculture, Plantation and Health care services for the benefit of poor and weaker section of the rural areas, to promote education of art, Science or other related field for the benefit of downtrodden and weaker sections of the society.

Backed by state of art infrastructure and sound technical foundation , visionary promoters and advisors, Avtar is well equipped with professionals and processes to deliver leading edge solutions on time, every time.

We offer a complete solution, which will meet with requirements and will provide means of achieving major helpful techniques. We will integrate education, Lack of Skill, in-competency and Knowledge are the key inhibiting factors affecting youth unemployment adversely. Also, education and training is often of poor quality and is irrelevant and insufficient for the needs of contemporary labour market. Although, many youth today are more educated than the previous generation, they usually lack employable skill. Here Avtar is dedicated to promote, organize and take up skill development India Programmes and Welfare Programmes for needy men, Women and Children on priority basis.

Management Members

Pawan Kumar Gupta

Archana Gupta
Director II

Shivesh Verma
State Manager

Rajeev Kumar
Program Manager

Director Message..

Idea to form Avtar Development Foundation (ADF)came five years ago and established in 2013 with a view to take up new challenges in rural areas in agriculture, women empowerment, health, sanitation, education, organic farming etc. Its core strategy is to foster rural sector by adopting the principle “AAO MILKAR AAGE BARHEN”.

To make sustainable development of livelihood it is focussing on social transformation by encouraging and making women as the main pillar of society. We are very much conscious and think positively on women empowerment and feel women instrumental in bringing new positive changes in our society.

Backed by this view we are equally conscious and implementing new strategy to improve the situation of children, health, plantation, with the talented team of dedicated and devoted professionals. Another sector which ADF is pursuing to bring revolutionary changes is organic farming. It has attracted the attention of whole of India in recent years significantly. ADF is taking the lead role to make aware about bad effects of chemical farming and the fruits of organic farming.