About Us

Avtar Development Foundation (NGO) is established in 2011.

Who are we

Avtar Development foundation is an ISO Certified (ISO 9001:2015) to promote the work of livelihood, Agriculture, Plantation and Health care services for the benefit of poor and weaker section of the rural areas, to promote education of art, Science or other related field for the benefit of downtrodden and weaker sections of the society.

Backed by state of art infrastructure and sound technical foundation , visionary promoters and advisors, Avtar is well equipped with professionals and processes to deliver leading edge solutions on time, every time.

We offer a complete solution, which will meet with requirements and will provide means of achieving major helpful techniques. We will integrate education, Lack of Skill, in-competency and Knowledge are the key inhibiting factors affecting youth unemployment adversely. Also, education and training is often of poor quality and is irrelevant and insufficient for the needs of contemporary labour market. Although, many youth today are more educated than the previous generation, they usually lack employable skill. Here Avtar is dedicated to promote, organize and take up skill development India Programmes and Welfare Programmes for needy men, Women and Children on priority basis.

Management Members

Pawan Kumar Gupta

Mr. Moidunni Bava was an Indian farmer who started off a small flour mill (Atiq Abdullah Flour Mill) in the 1984 Dubai and its moved to Nellara Group in the year 2004. The journey that thus began has taken right move with the passage of time, serving in large measure to the growth and development of the host economy and satisfying the native crowed. He is great visionary, conduct in thought and substance in creativity. Its unique Product Ranges reaching out not only to the kerala community, but also to the peoples from all lands.

Archana Gupta
Director II

Mr. Abdulla, man with industrial exposure of Develop and deliver on the company’s strategic plan in the most effective and efficient manner. Accountable for the overall performance of the company and for the day-to-day running and management of the company’s business developing and implementing a fundraising plan. he is excited to continue to develop relationships with owners and to partner with them to foster the success of Nellara Group as a whole.

Shivesh Verma
State Manager

Mr. Shamsudheen, Leads from the front with a team of talent of no compromising quality and nobility. He start careers with sales person to the Managing Director. To dedicate adequate time, enthusiasm to attend, and effectively operating in business meetings and to participate on management committees. In order to keep up with changes in the food industry and consumer mind set. Vigorously explore the need and opportunity for expansion of Nellara enrollment in order to serve a greater percentage of the community.

Rajeev Kumar
Program Manager

Mr. Fasalu Rahman, Talent to maintaining a smooth flow of work between departments and to assuring the company stays on schedule and meets or exceeds the goals. Attaining financial suitability and development of opportunities, which are fruitful for the organization, delivering services to customers and attaining their satisfaction, managing the other works, maximum utilization of the resources available. As part of the Director Board, Fasalu Rahman was involved with the development, operations, finances, and corporate strategy across all divisions.