Blood Camp

Blood Camps were organised in rural areas of Hazaribag. It was very successful. Many people including BPL families in larger number participated in our blood camps across the Hazaribagh district. Through blood camp they became aware about their health and hygienic.

SHG and JLG Groups

Avtar Development Foundation has made many SHG and JLG Groups in rural areas of Hazaribag. They are functioning very well. It has made very big breakthrough in their life style. The creation of SHG and JLG Groups has made village men and women self-sufficiency in terms of finance, heath, education, child malnutrition and cleanness to a great extent.

Soil test & Water Test

Soil Test

Avtar Development Foundation has tested soil samples of several villages in collaboration with soil conservation department of Hazaribag. It proved very fruitful as it resulted in high production of green vegetables and other crops.

Water Testing

Avtar Development Foundation has introduced digital water tester meter. The machine is so design that it tests the purification of water. The test gives the result that how much TDS should be in a particular sample of water. Our NGO has taken the responsibility of village water to test. TDS below 50% and above 110% considered harmful by government measurement standard. Water with TDS of above mention slabs damages human body gradually. ADF has taken the lead role in this regard to make villagers and other people aware.


PRADHAN MANTRI KAUSHAL VIKAS YOJANA (PMKVY) which is a new revolutionary concept to give much needed fillip to our youths, is the biggest training plethora of its kind in the world. Our NGO is one of biggest and leading PMKVY institution in India. It has taken the lead role in educating youths of vulnerable section who were not able to take up job oriented technical and non-technical education due to paucity of funds. We have educated more than thousand aspirant youths in different trades including stitching, beautician and computer in our state – of – art infrastructure. PMKVY has emerged as an architects of shaping Indian economy and alleviating unemployment problem significantly. ADF is consistently and persistently taking its role to a new height under the able and dynamic leadership of our director Mr. Pawan Kumar Gupta.

Women Empowerment

Today women are struggling to get her right place in her family as well as society. They are far away are far away from the position what they deserve in family and society. Both have become male dominated and women are being relegated to background. In the absence of their proper education they are not becoming aware about their rights. Absence from proper education is a major flaw in their defined role in society. They are neither coming into mainstream of society nor they are seen standing on their own financially. They are needed to be empowered at all levels. Avtar development foundation (ADF) conducted survey of fifteen villages which includes Amnari, Saroni Kala, Base, Banadag, Sakhiya, Katkamdg, Dengura, Dandai Kala across Jharkhand. Team of ADF found very miserable and pitiable conditions about their social status. They are denied from their basic and primary rights to take vital decisions relating to family welfare and their children. They are confined to home only. Underlining the need and urgency of women development ADF organised programs in some villages on women empowerment emphasizing the promotn of ositive development and prevention of disorder. Large no. of women actively participated in our meeting showing much intrest in our programme. In the meeting steps where discussed on the strategy of women empowerment. They wanted to be educated and want their children to be educated.

Organic Farming

Organic farming has attracted the attentation across India. It has acquired prime importance in view of detoriating environment and health of common people. ADF has taken lead role in making organic farming popular in Hazaribagh. It has conducted several workshops and other field activities relating to organic farming in several villages in Hazaribagh namely Silwar, Domar, Base, Huppad. Farmers of these villages shown much interest in our initiative and gave assurance to implement organic farming extensively. J.L.G. (Joint Liblity Groups) Groups made by ADF has taken the responsibility to implement Organic Farming in these villages.