Our Mission

    To promote Skill Development Programs for welfare of society.

    To promote the work of livehood, Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Plantation, Forestry, Fishery, Dairy, Cultivators of various kinds of seeds, Fruits and Health Care Services for the benefit of poor and weaker section of the rural areas, to promote education of art, Science or other related field for the benefit of downtrodden and weaker sections of the society.

    To promote agriculture Avtar distribute various kinds of seeds of fruits & vegetables among farmer of different village of Hazaribag.

    To provide medical awareness and health care to general public, Avtar conducting workshops in regular basis.

    Providing Vocational Education / Training to create opportunities for productive livelihoods and jobs.

    Launching trades for training, based on market survey.

    Cultivating & up-grading vocational skills.

    Developing Technical Skills.

    Forming self help groups that derive their income from micro-enterprises, supported by micro-credit.

    Producing market driven goods/services.

    Creating marketing avenues for sales for profit.

    Ensuring placements (Job/small-business set-up) for the beneficiaries.

    Making the centres self-sustainable through revenue generation.

    Creating training centres in Ranchi and outside wherever Avtar is functional.

    Up-scaling existing centres and their programmes as per contemporary market trends.

Our Vision

    To Improve our society in Agriculture or Women Empowerment or Pollution free society or child development or Save Water.

    Go green save earth.

    Develop the health and education in society.

    Support disabled persons.